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    Fashion is the key to women's development. We strive to be among the companies that support women's empowerment.

    Our story begins in 2013 when the Rana plaza incident took the lives of 1200 garment workers in Bangladesh. This incident shook the fashion industry and caused consumers like us to look deeper into how our clothes are made.

    Having lived in many countries around the world, we didn’t realize how many people were affected by our fashion choices. Our clothes are tied to the well-being of women cotton pickers, artisans, and garment workers in developing nations. As individuals who feel deeply about women’s development, we believe that the key to improving their condition is education and financial empowerment through employment and fair wage.



    Pakistan has a huge women artisan resource that is unfortunately neglected due to the political climate of the country. Without access to the global economy, their skills are perishing and, they are living under difficult social & economic circumstances despite having an amazing talent and the ability to provide for themselves. Purple Impression was born out of the aspiration to make a positive impact on fashion and women's empowerment. Our mission is to use fashion as a force of change for women’s development and conservation of our planet. We have committed to full transparency and never compromise on our values of:

    Women’s Empowerment, Fairness and equality, Diversity, Giving Back and Eco-consciousness.

    Women matter and collectively we have the power to make a change. We invite you to join us on this journey to elevate women through ethical fashion, and without compromising your values or style.


    Our Designs:

    Arash Shirinbab, Calligrapher, Berkeley CA

    Elaine Hamblin, Designer & Owner of KOSA ARTS, Oakland, CA
    Designer of Nomad Tee

    We know that you value comfort and style, and these are the two key elements behind our design process. Our goal always is to provide you with comfort pieces that are flattering on all body shapes. We pay close attention to fabrics, making sure to use natural, breathable materials that you can live in all day.

    We produce our own designs with original artwork for hand-embroidery in-house and often collaborate with local designers and artists to bring you fashion with a deeper meaning. 



     Our Artisans & Hand-embroidery: 

    Hand-embroidery and needlework—an art dating back to 30,000 B.C—is believed to originate in the Orient and Middle East. This is why we went to one of the oldest cities of the world to revive the appreciation for thread hand-embroidery that is dying due to our demand for mass-produced fashion. 



    What makes our embroidery unique?

    Our artisans are some of the most talented hand-embroiders in the entire region. Masters of many embroidery techniques, they are able to use different styles in a single design. This is what differentiates our work from others. We couple contemporary designs with the most delicate needlework reserved for royals and weddings such as the tilla embroidery that adorns one of our best-sellers. We are making the traditional more urban so you can have an exclusive piece of artisan fashion that comfortably moves with you in your everyday life.



    artisan made

    We believe in full transparency. 

    We have spent the last 3 years working closely with our artisans to bring them up to the quality standards and the taste of the modern buyer. We are a fair trade clothing brand and pay our artisans above market rate for their work. We provide them with all materials and support in advance to make it easy for them to work at their own pace, out of the comfort of their homes. Giving more women an opportunity for employment motivates Purple Impression, and we hope you will support us by making mindful, sustainable fashion choices that empower women.

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