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    Women Empowerment brand


    Ethical Stitch project is a product of our heritage and beliefs.

    We are a sister team, with a strong will to set things right in the fashion industry and change lives for the better. Having lived in various countries around the world from Pakistan to Dubai and then U.S, we witnessed firsthand the loss of traditional crafts, exploitation from middle men, tons of second hand clothes landing up in developing countries, and the effects of fast fashion on the factory workers and the planet. Determined to change this Purple Impression and the Ethical Stitch Project were born. 


    ethical fashion


    Research shows that women invest 90% of their income back into food, education, and healthcare for their families. 

    Our women artisans either live in the City of Multan, Pakistan or in the suburbs. We have personally spent the last 2 years working with them closely to bring them up to the quality standards and the taste of the modern buyer. We pay our artisans above market rate for their work and provide them with all materials and support in advance to make it easy for them to work at their own pace and out of the comfort of their homes, giving more women an opportunity for employment.


    natural organic cotton