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    Thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Program!

    At Purple Impression we believe that what we wear is a reflection of who we are and our values. We are looking for change makers like you to join our network of women from all over the globe to pioneer, educate and change the way we look at fashion. 

    We love women entrepreneurs and want to foster entrepreneurship. If you have a passion for fair trade and luxury artisanal wear then sign up to be a PI affiliate ambassador. Our affiliate program is free to join and you get the ability to create your own business risk free and start making money through your values of conscious consumerism and offer your followers exclusive deals on artisan made fashion. 

    You can choose to be an:

    Online Affiliate ​(Good for people who have a social following)

    • You get an exclusive URL that you share with your followers and any sales made through that link automatically results in 5% commission of sales price.
    • You get to offer your followers/customers exclusive discounted prices, only available through affiliates giving them an incentive to order through you.
    • There is no restriction on working with other brands
    • You can choose to work with us on a one time campaign for a certain time or long term.

    Regional Affiliate:

    • As a regional affiliate you host trunk shows and keep 10% of percent of any sales made.
    • You get to offer your customers exclusive discounted prices, only available through affiliates giving them an incentive to order through you.
    • Have access to promotional material.
    • Run a business risk free. We send you sample pieces to use at the trunk show which you mail back. No need to purchase any inventory.
    • Your event will be announced and promoted on our social media and website.
    • Your customers save on shipping by ordering through you.
    • You have the option to be present both as an online and regional affiliate.

    Are you ready to be a change maker and start earning? Fill out the form below or email us at: We will notify you once your account is approved and will e-mail you additional FAQ's and answer any questions you may have.