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    our ethos

    Bringing people together through fashion and art.

    We don't see ourselves as simply selling clothes but spreading values and ideas that they represent.


    We dream of a pluralistic world and want to connect people. Each one of us is different, yet so much alike in many ways, and that is what makes us thrive as a society. We want to build a space that promotes diversity, where values are shared, differences celebrated, a space where everyone is invited, everyone is welcomed. What better way of doing that then with art, which has no language. So, welcome all.


    We value the environment and continuously improve our operations to be more earth friendly. In line with our ongoing efforts we strive to include sustainable practices from production to packaging. Like working more with recycled environmentally friendly fabric, using hand cut techniques to ensure minimal to zero waste, utilizing salvaged edge within the design, incorporating creative embroidery techniques to use leftover fabrics and always packing with sustainable materials. All in hopes of leaving a better planet that can be enjoyed by all creatures alike.


    We are big advocates of a "trade not aid" policy that states that through fair trade and dignified work, you can eliminate poverty and make a bigger impact on people's lives. We believe that the people who produce our clothes deserve our respect and support. By honoring the skills of the people we can preserve many traditions and provide an opportunity for them to sustain a livelihood.


    We believe in the positive power of connecting the makers & buyers. By adding a face and a name to every piece we make, we take you on a journey across the globe. When you see a face, it prompts you to think deeper, adding meaning to your wardrobe. Often times more than how something looks, what matters is how it makes you feel, that sense of connection is what we are trying to create.