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    A surprise visit to one of our artisans house

    A surprise visit to one of our artisans house

    With this blog post we hope to take you behind the scenes and show you what we see. The real, unedited lives of the people who are effected by your fashion choices. People whose realities and culture is much different than ours. This is a peek into their lives.

    Our Co-founder went to Erum's house (one of our artisans )to check up on the progress of the production of some of our scarves. Below is a photo book of her Journey as she made her way to one of the villages on the outskirts of Multan, Pakistan.

    Artisan Life in a village

    From the City to the Village

    Artisan Life

    Once we entered her house, we noticed a bunch of young girls sitting in the veranda with sewing machines and needles. Curious to know more, we found out that most of girls from the village came to Erum to learn how to sew and embroider. With education being a privilege most parents prefer to teach their daughters these skills so they can stay at home, take care of families and If need be, use their skills to earn an income. 

    It was a happy environment with all these girls sitting together and laughing. It was almost as If they were at a friends house enjoying each others company. While it was nice to see them having a good time we kept thinking why they were not in school. Only a few attended school while others chose to stay at home mainly because private schools were too expensive and public schools were too far from the village to get to safely. This was the simple answer that we were given, but we know that it is much more complex then that. This unfortunately, is the reality of many girls around the world, this could've been us and this is the reason why we are so passionate about supporting the artisan sector. It is the second largest employer of women in developing countries and our hope is to empower these women through trade so they can become independent enough to send their daughters to school. 

    fashion revolution

    The girls learning to sew some of their own clothes

    fairtrade fashion

    Erum's Niece's washing their clothes while Grandma oversees a house full of women after the men leave for farming. Men are usually not allowed in the house during this time.

    Approved Member

    Approved Member

    We are happy to announce that we are approved member of Alliance for Artisan Enterprise. Their mission of the Alliance is to support the power and potential of the artisan sector to create jobs, increase incomes, enhance cultural heritage and promote development that respects the uniqueness of people and place. 

    Check the listing and read more about them here:


    Meet the maker

    Meet the maker

    Purple Impression is a Fair trade brand that aims to bring people together through art and fashion. We work with women artisans in Pakistan who hand embroider our designs. Our goal is to provide them with employment, fair pay and direct access to broader market giving them an opportunity to educate their children and become financially independent. 

    A big mission of ours is to connect you to a different part of the world. We want to show you the faces of the women making your clothes so you can see them, hear them and relate to them. Through this you can build a connection with your clothes which has a lot more meaning. 

    A few months ago we ran  Ask our artisans campaign where anyone could ask anything from our artisans. We had Starre Vartan a sustainable author/blogger/traveler from ecochickie ask a few questions which we got answered from Asma, the maker of the boyfriend button down shirt. All of the answers are her's and completely unedited and unscripted.

    See Video Above and take a journey through the production of our Asma Button Down.

    Ethical Production

    The Shirt is cut and the embroidery pattern is traced onto the fabric using the traditional prick and pounce method.

    Artisan Made Apparel

    It is then given to Asma to who puts life into it with her skills of hand embroidery.

    Sustainable Production

    ​The shirt is then taken to our production facility where it is sewn ethically by our master tailors, one shirt at a time.

    Luxury Fashion

    Creating a Piece of Art unlike any other.



    Fashion Revolution

    Fashion Revolution

    April is month of Fashion Revolution, the month of the horrific tragedy of a factory collapse in Bangladesh that took the lives of about 1200 garment workers. This month we encourage you to take a stand for the rights of the people making our clothes. Wear your clothes inside out on April 24th and ask the brands: "WHO MADE MY CLOTHES".

    If you've bought any of our pieces then share it with us or tag us on social media to enter a draw to win a special impression-ista Gift Bag. We will announce winner at the end of the month.